Valais Blacknose

Introducing Our Rare Breed Sheep -
 "the Woolly cru"
Things calm down in Vineyards across England after the frantic harvesting of grapes throughout September & October but for the Team here at Kenton Park Estate, the “Woolly Cru” Season starts at the beginning of November.

Here on the Estate we have a Breeding Programme for this rare breed. These Sheep have a lovely, gentle nature & a very distinctive appearance with their curly fleece & very dark black faces, so dark that you cannot see their eyes, with black circular patches on their legs.


They have an important role to play in the Vineyard between November and the end of February keeping the weeds under control amongst the Vines.

So from the early part of December it's a busy schedule of checking on the welfare of the sheep daily and working in the Vineyard on the major task of pruning. All 15,000 Vines need to be pruned before the magical growth phase of the Vines starts all over again in April to coincide with the arrival of the newly born Lambs.


The sheep are sheared twice a year and their fleeces sent to the Natural Fibre Company to be transformed into wool to create a collection of accessories. Their extra soft fleece is also used as protective packaging for the Estate’s Sparkling Wine. Wool has amazing insulation properties and also protects the bottles from breakages during transit to customers. So don't be surprised to open your case of wine and find the fleece fibres tucked around each bottle inside.

It’s a very happy environment for the sheep who share their space with Pheasants, Partridge, Ducks & Pygmy Goats. I

f you are interested in having a few of these Sheep for yourself, then please enquire about the Breeding Programme at the Estate by email: