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Vineyard Dogs

Always on hand to help drink a glass of wine...

Wherever Wine is made, you’re likely to find a loyal canine snoozing in the Wine Cellar, roaming the Vineyard or guarding the Tasting Room – and here at Kenton Park Estate we have our own Wine Dogs otherwise known as "Saffie"  "Indie" and "Max".

 It’s a known fact that behind every great Winemaker sits a loyal companion.


Meet Saffie

Pet Hate: Anything she considers below her... i.e Indie and Max.

Obsession: Chasing Squirrels

Favourite Food: Crisps at the Bar at "Happy Hour"

Naughtiest Deed: Always making sure that Indie

gets blamed for everything

Favourite Toy: My squeaky hamburger

Meet Indie

Pet Hate: Water Bowls - I always trip over them

Obsession: Food! Food! Food!

Favourite Food: Roast Lamb

Naughtiest Deed: Squashing Saffie into a corner

in the back of the Land Rover every day

Favourite Toy: I don't like Toys, I just like to

steal everyone else's.


Meet Max

Pet Hate: Not being in the Front Seat of the

Land Rover Defender

Obsession: Indie (she's my Hero!)

Favourite Food: Bones and more Bones

Naughtiest Deed: Finding a pair of Socks

every day to chew

Favourite Toy: Don't need one as I have Indie

(We wrestle all day long)

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