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Introducing Our Rare Breed
Tamworth Pigs

Our Pigs, known as "The Ginger Cru" live a fantastic life in a beautiful area here in South Devon.

They overlook our Vineyard, keeping an eye on the Vines for us!

They live amongst our Bee Hives and right next to the Orchard where we grow Apples, Pears & Plums. So as you can imagine, they are spoilt with the diet that we feed them on.


They love Apples from the Orchard along with a delicious

Oat mix that we make for them which also includes the Honey from our Bees, the leftover Grapes from the Vineyard, and the Grape pressings from The Winery along with Quince Fruit that grows here in abundance in the Estate's Herb Garden.


Your imagination could run wild at the thought of all this food being served on delightful silver platters and garnished with sprigs of our fresh Mint and Rosemary from the

Herb Garden ..... but in reality their food is served to them in a form of "scrummy mush" that our Pigs go wild about and gratefully devour at speeds you cannot comprehend.


As a special treat at the end of the Apple Harvest here around the middle of September, our Pigs are treated to a couple of days holiday in the Orchard to hoover up the remaining

Apples left lying on the ground. Some of them like to push their luck and go on a slightly longer holiday than normal by escaping down the Front Drive to see what other

treasures they can un-earth.

So as you can imagine, we have had plenty of adventures chasing after them and no doubt many more to come!

It’s a very happy environment for the Pigs who share their space with our resident noisy Pheasants, Partridges, Indian Runner Ducks, Cou Cou Marran Chickens,

our Valais Blacknose Sheep & our infamous Pygmy Goats. 


The Pigs love nothing more than engaging in a spot of Piggy Rugby and all dive headlong into a scrum!

If you are interested in having a couple of Pigs of your own, then please enquire about the Breeding Programme at the Estate by email:

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