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Smokin Ginny

Capturing the "spirit" of Kenton
Park estate .... 
"smokin GINNY" 

A Gin smoked in Whisky Barrels

The unique smoky flavour of our Gin is created by adding Black Cardamon Pods smoked in our Smokehouse over an open Fire to give a real smoky punch.

The edition of Grapevine Leaves from the Vineyard dried and smoked in our Smokehouse over Pinewood Fires also adds to the incredible smoky flavour.

Finally the Gin is stored in Whisky Barrels that have been smoked to enhance the Gin tasting experience.

A passion for the Outdoor Country Sporting Lifestyle has inspired this Gin.

When sipping "Smokin Ginny" we hope it evokes the image of sitting outdoors around a crackling Log Fire having fun with Family & Friends.

Delicious served on it's own to experience the purity of flavour.

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Smokin Ginny Gin.JPG
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