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Following the success of our ‘Winter Wonderland Dining Experience’ last year, we are opening again in December,

on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It will be a “Celebration of Winter”.

And as you probably already know by now, The Motley Cru like to do things just a little differently here at Kenton Park Estate…


We’ve always loved Winter in the Mountains in Chamonix (French Alps)

and we like to bring a taste of Haute-Savoie cuisine to Devon...”

If you fancy joining us, take a look at our menu below, choice your dishes and then click the link to RSVP and we will be in touch soon to confirm your booking. 


Tartiflette - £14.95 


Tartiflette is a Traditional dish from the French Alps.  

Anyone who has enjoyed a hard day skiing in the Mountains and discovered the delights of Lunch in an off-piste Mountain Restaurant serving the most wonderful savoury delight known as Tartiflette will know the feeling of going to heaven and back!!  Tartiflette is a type of Potato Gratin with Bacon and gooey Reblochon Cheese. Reblochon is a soft French cheese made from raw Cow’s milk. It has a distinct nutty taste that pairs wonderfully with layers of thinly sliced potatoes, crispy pan-fried Bacon Lardons, Cream & White Wine served in a Gratin Dish with a fresh Green Salad, French Dressing & Charcuterie selection.  The Reblochon Cheese really elevates this dish and turns it into something special. 

Cheese Fondue - £16.95 per person

Served for 2 people

Made with Swiss Emmental and Gruyere Cheese. Served with a basket of chunks of rustic Sourdough bread, a platter of Prosciutto with pickled Gherkins & silver pickled onions. The rule is that if you drop your bread in the cheese, you have to kiss the person next to you!

Raclette - £16.95 per person

A French speciality ….. If you’ve never tasted Raclette, your life is about to change drastically and for the better - that is if you’re a 

Cheese lover. Because oui, you’ve guessed it, this Dish is all about Cheese. Raclette is a semi-soft cheese that gets its name from the French verb racler (meaning to scrape) and that’s exactly the method used to serve this Cheese. Originating in the Swiss Alps, this French & Swiss culinary tradition was adopted by peasants in the mountainous regions of Valais and Savoie.  

Cow herders would place a wheel of cheese next to the fire to soften it and then scrape the melted fromage onto their bread.  This became such a tempting delicacy that it spread to the rest of France. 

Usually, the wheel or block of cheese is cut in half and placed by the fire until it melts, at which point everyone grabs their knife to scrape the cheese onto their plate. We have sourced the specialist Raclette cheese melting machines from France to recreate this experience here in Devon. Served with grilled Potatoes, Charcuterie, sliced fresh Peppers, fresh Mushrooms, Pickled Gherkins along with a basket of bread, Perfectement! 

Hot Stone – “La Pierre Chaude” - £24.95 per person

One of the mountain dishes you can’t miss is Pierrade, or Pierre Chaude which literally translates as “hot rock” - a red hot slate on which you sizzle a selection of raw meats. We heat the hot slate, sprinkle salt crystals onto it, present you with a platter of strips of fresh Beef, Duck & Chicken and then let you do the rest of the cooking! The hot stones sear the strips to perfection. Pierrade is super juicy, tender, and flavourful. It’s a very sociable way to share food.  Served with Dauphinoise Potatoes and selection of sauces. 

 The Motley Cru Christmas Turkey Feast Platter - £24.95 per person

Our Deli Feast Sharing Platters have been so incredibly popular over the Summer and we felt we should create  The Motley Cru Christmas Sharing Feast Platter served on our large Wicker Basket platters to include: 

Slices of deliciously moist Turkey (roasted with freshly picked sprigs of Rosemary & Garlic)

Thick slices of Honey Roast Ham (baked with Cloves)

A tumble of Roast Potatoes

A smattering of Pigs in Blankets

Roasted Parsnip Chips drizzled in our Honey – “Kenton Nectar”

Truffle Buttered Carrots (we foraged for the fresh Truffles in Wiltshire)

Braised Red Cabbage

*(Sorry no Sprouts!) 

Yorkshire Puddings

Home-made Bread Sauce

Stuffing (of course)

Cranberry & Port Sauce

A pot of our Red Wine Gravy for those who can’t resist

And finally a flourish of fresh Watercress to finish.



Tarte aux Myrtilles (Blueberry Tart)

Served with our very own Ice cream all made freshly here in The Vineyard Kitchen 


Our Whisky Bread & Butter Pudding with Hot Caramel Sauce 

[Home-made here in The Vineyard Kitchen] 


Italian Panettone Cake  

(broguth to you all the way from Italy)  

Served with Chantilly Cream 

(Someone is obsessed with Panettone here at The Motley Cru) 


Our Espresso Martini Tiramisu 

(That’s if there’s any left as this is a huge favourite with the Motley Cru Men!) 


Mince Pies  

(We had to make them ourselves to make sure there was enough Cointreau injected into them!) 

Served with a magic dusting of Icing Sugar & Double Cream 


Passion Fruit & Raspberry Meringues 

(The Motley Cru Girls insisted on crushed Meringues)


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