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the motley cru

lifestyle collection
Quintessentially British


Welcome to The Motley Cru - A quirky English Lifestyle

Brand hoping to inspire you to rediscover and reconnect

with your WILD side.


Our Lifestyle Collection represents a Style of Life ….

It aims to encourage you to rediscover the joy of taking time out to share Adventure & Outdoor Experiences with

Friends & Family. 

 The Motley Cru HQ is based in the Old Stables Building in the heart of our small Country Estate surrounded by the Vineyard and 15,000 Vines in a beautiful part of the


a perfect location for Adventure.


Many Adventures & Outdoor Experiences are celebrated with Wine ….and being an English Vineyard we have no shortage of Wine & Sparkling Wine 

as well as our own Artisan Gin, Whisky, Beer & Cider to be enjoyed at the end of any Adventure Experience.


We welcome many Guests to Kenton Park Estate every year to join our WINE in the WILD Adventures

and have created a Lifestyle Collection to encapsulate the SPIRIT of The Motley Cru, their Adventures and the style of Life here on the Estate.


We want you to DISCOVER the ESSENCE of LIFE on the WILD side ….. The Motley Cru Lifestyle. 

Let us help you to have FUN and Reconnect with your

WILD side.


Please do contact us & come to visit us at 

The Motley Cru HQ where you can see the complete Collection in The Vineyard BOOTique & you can also enjoy a Tour of the Tasting Room, The Winery & Vineyard.

To View the full Collection please Click here.

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