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Born in the Highlands.

We've always had a passion for whisky, all of the heritage and craftsmanship that goes into each bottle is very special, so naturally we wanted our own. Our first expression was born in the rugged, remote yet unquestionably beautiful regions of the Scottish highlands. The unique terroir certainly lends a hand in the characteristics of the final dram. 

Limited Edition 

Craftsmanship and heritage.

With only a limited quantity available this is a celebration of a long time passion of ours, celebrating timeless traditions and incredible craftmanship.


Tasting notes

Kenton Park Estate XII

46% ABV - A beautiful owl eye amber coloured 12 year old from the Highlands with a rich golden hue. 

On the nose: Fresh oak wood with a dose of honeyed toast, hints of citrus zest, spiced chocolate and vanilla come to the fore. 

On the palate: You're hit with classic butterscotch flavours, wildflower and honey notes with a hint of dark chocolate orange. 

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Whisky tastings with a difference

An intro to mixology.

Whisky has always been a passion of ours, so much so that we wanted to have our own as well as building a collection of some of our favourites from around the world. We also have a passion for cocktails here at Kenton Park Estate, one of the highlights of the year is opening up the bar for our Friday night pizza and cocktails!

We thought why not incorporate our passion for cocktails with our tours using the fantastic products we have and learning to make some of our absolute favourites that we serve in the Motley Cru Bar... Whisky based cocktails often do not get the plaudits they deserve and are severely overlooked, let us change that!

£65 per person.

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Made for Adventures

Share your moments.

We want to inspire you to celebrate some of the incredible timeless traditions to be shared with family and friends. To enjoy a sip of that something special after an exhilarating day of adventure. 

Watch the video below... what will your adventure be?


Whisky Adventures 

Whisky Adventures
Ben Oliphant-Thompson

Whisky Adventures

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