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A Touch of Motley Magic ...

Come & join us in The Barrel Room with it's cosy

Log Cabin-style Interiors, Leather Chesterfield Sofas, Cowhides & Sheepskin Rugs.

Relax in sumptuous leather Sofas & Armchairs whilst enjoying sampling The Motley Cru's eclectic Whisky Collection.

The Barrel Room is a Barn on the Estate in which our Brandy is slumbering sweetly for the next 5-10 years, ageing quietly in Oak Barrels.

Our Brandy has been produced from100% English Grapes. An exquisite flavour has been captured in our Grapes from the Magical Mists that roll down the Valley over the Vineyard from the Forest Ridge above combined with the salty Sea air that comes in from the nearby Coast (less than a mile away).


It's the fermented Grape Juice from our 2020 Harvest containing a blend of the best Grapes from each of the different Plantations here at Kenton Park Estate. 

We aim to produce Five unique styles of Brandy.

Our Brandy is being aged in different Barrels including American Oak and European Oak Barrels, old Bourbon Casks and then finished in Ximinez Sherry Casks and also Caribbean Rum Barrels. 

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Read more about how we make our Brandy ...

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